The 7 sites not to be missed

Following are the “seven sites not to be missed” this year! Chosen by our mountain leaders, these iconic peaks of the region exist for you to discover! Well perched on the French side of the Jura mountains, these seven sites are situated in the departments of Doubs, Jura and Ain.

The Mont d'Or :

Experience one of the most beautiful summits of the Jura.

The Roche Bernard - Roche Champion :

Relish the breathtaking views of lakes and peat bogs.

The Pic de l'aigle

Discover this "small Scotland" of the Jura.

The Crêt Pela

Uncover the wild forest of the Jura.

The Crêt de la Naige

Attain the highest summit of the Jura.

The Crêt de Chalam

Savor the unobstructed 360° view from the peak.

The Grand Colombier

Take part in the spirit of the Tour de France.

Your mountain leader can propose you trips to these exceptional sites, as well as many others, always with the aim of guiding you safely and providing you abundant information of everything you see and experience. All you have to do is ask!