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The SNAM – Jura mountains section

The SNAM is the national syndicate of mountain leaders. It brings together mountain leaders from all over France for the promotion and protection of their profession. For more information on the SNAM, please visit the SNAM national website.

To be as closely attached as possible to the field, the SNAM is divided into local sections, of which the SNAM Jura is part, and the focus of this website. The SNAM Jura works with its partners in the field of animation, diversification and promotion of tourism for the Jura mountains.

We herewith invite you to discover our profession and our beloved Jura mountains through this website. Our mountain leaders are ready to assist you; do contact them for the organization of your activities, events and guided hikes.

The mountain Leader

Mountain leaders are state-accredited, professional mountain guides, trained to help you experience the beauty of mountain life, in all simplicity and security. Mountain leaders are true mediators of their own living environments, the mountains and yourself.

They are excellent teachers, able to adjust to different group dynamics, including families, individuals with special needs, the elderly, students, etc. Mountain leaders will openly share with you his and her anecdotes and personal experiences living in the Jura mountains, as well as his and her passions for nature, sports, history, and many others.

They represent important local actors who fully contribute to the lives of their communities, particularly to the animation and diversification of available offers for tourists. They offer traditional activities, such as hiking and snowshoeing, as well as more specific ones, based on your interests and needs. Discover the profession of mountain leaders. They are indispensable in your experience discovering and living the Jura mountains.

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The Jura mountains

The Jura is made of three chains of mountains and three plateaus. Its highest peak, the Cret de la Neige, culminates at 1,720m altitude. The Jura mountains spread in the French departments of Jura, Ain and Doubs, as well as in parts of Switzerland.

These gentle mountains offer a magnificent playground adapted to all four seasons and all types of groups, from families, to the elderly, as well as sports people. Activities may range from beginner level hiking, snowshoeing and mountain biking, whether roaming or not, to more advanced mountaineering, canyoning, rock climbing, and others. The Jura mountains also offer a variety of splendid landscapes from the Taiga forest inside the peatbogs, to high altitude pastures through dense and wild forests, such as the Risoux and Massacre forests, both conducive to resourcing and contemplation. It is home to iconic wildlife species, such as the lynx and the capercaillie birds, as well as very well preserved natural habitats, all contributing to your discovery of mountain ecosystems.

Among the wonders the Jura mountains have to offer, here is a glimpse of seven sites not to be missed.

The seven sites not to be missed.

The profession of mountain leaders is multi-faceted. It includes activities such as hiking, snowshoeing, nature animation, mountain biking, as well as many others. Come discover the profession of mountain leaders :

The SNAM Jura is also a place where you can find more than 80 mountain leaders available to listen to you. You will find the contact details of all mountain leaders associated with the SNAM Jura on this webpage :